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Our Courses

1.Digital marketing courses


The increased use of digital technologies has created global demand for digital talent. Despite this, relevant and up-to-date digital skills continue to be the biggest barrier to job success for many individuals. With such demand, it is essential that you have the right digital skills and know-how to kick-start, progress or advance your career.

Some of the ten modules in this course:

                           1)     Digital Marketing Foundation                          2)     Website Optimisation

                           3)     Content Marketing                                            4)     Social Media Marketing

                           5)     SEO                                                                      6)     Paid Search

                           7)     Display and Video Advertising                        8)     Email Marketing

                           9)     Analytics                                                           10)  Digital Strategy 

2.Web design and Photoshop

Web design

Master the visual art of web design with Papaya Digital Consult training courses dedicated to teaching you interactive, responsive and user centered visual designs. Web design is more than ever a visceral experience where how something is presented to the user is as important as ever. Learn from industry experts on how to create beautiful websites that work across every device.


This course is IDEAL for total beginners who want to know why behind each of the tools, why behind the methods and why even use Photoshop for web design in the first place.The course is very well explained, gives you lots of nice files to practice with and you will be able to create a web page design at the end of it!

3.Career Development



If you’re looking for a new career or to develop skills to make an impact in your current role, and you’re not sure where to start, we offer a range of courses to help assist you.

Personal and career development is not always just about learning new technical skills – how you develop your interpersonal skills is vital too. Papaya Digital Consult recognises the importance employers place on these ‘softer’ skills and offers a range of self and career development training courses to help you develop key areas, such as sales with integrity and time management.

4.Computer Packages

Our Computer Packages entails the various disciplines to equip students with basic computer skills and as you progress, advanced courses will strengthen knowledge in specified areas. For a beginner, computer packages training is meant to enlighten the learner on the basics of computer operating systems. Our training is hand-son and prepare learners to join other courses with confidence of computer literacy. Upon completion of this course, you will have the ability to join other advanced ICT Courses like, Graphic Design, Computer Science, Software Development, Mobile App Development,Video Production, Computer Repair,and other college programs of your choice

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